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What is Mill2Lathe?

It is a tooling package that allows you to quickly convert your milling machine to perform turning operations on material rotated in the spindle.

Tooling package consists of a primary gang tooling fixture holding both ID and OD turning tools as well as various chucks with adapters and collett tooling that rotates about your milling spindle.

Who can benefit from Mill2Lathe?

•  If you don't have a CNC lathe, you can stop farming out lathe work and do it yourself.

•  If you already have a lathe, run your overflow production as well as prototype parts on your CNC mill for more flexibility, and without interrupting production lathe work.

•  Hobbyists who want to do both lathe work and mill work, but only have space for a benchtop mill, and/or like the affordability of having only one main machine tool.

It's easy to use.

•  Setup and run your first parts in one afternoon.

•  Changeover from mill work to lathe work in minutes.

Other benefits

•  Utilize your CNC mill's higher speed for faster cycle times.

•  Combine Mill2Lathe units together for more complex parts requiring more than 8 cutting tools.

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